Company Formation Services

We provide the central elements of company formation in Cyprus, trustee and company secretary services, but also cover the depths of compliance and structuring. Our aim is to provide you with a solution which stands up to the scrutinity of banks, tax authorities and business partners, without comprising the special advantages Cyprus is offering.

We also are able to support you setting up a complete international group structure and form companies in other countries.
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Limited Private Company (Ltd.)

A Limited Private Company is the usual form of company to be founded in Cyprus. The advantage is that it stops the fall of the dominos: The private wealth of the shareholders is not at risk. The risk is limited to the value of the shares bought. See more about the LTD. here.

Private Partnerships

The Private Partnership consists of a managing partner accepting all the risk and one or several silent partners whose risk is limited to the capital paid in. As a managing partner often a Ltd. is used to furhter limit the risk. Look up when to use this form of company here.



A trust is a fiduciary relationship in which the Settlor gives the right to the Trustee to hold title to a property (trust property) for the benefit of the Beneficiary. The trustee has the legal title to the trust property, whereas the Beneficiary has the beneficial title to the trust property. The ultimate beneficial owners of the trust property are the beneficiaries.

Shelf Companies

A shelf company is a company already founded, but unused. There are no assets nor liabilities in the company. You will pay a premium because of the running costs of previous years and you need to change the name and the directors. On the other side you can have ready company within hours and often it is better to have a company which was registered a few years ago. Read more about it here.


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